Shelf Life

I’ll take my food without the laundry list of artificial preservatives, thank you!

Jen’s Jars Spreads are made from mainly raw ingredients and contain no preservatives. Jen’s Jars Soups are also preservative-free and are slow cooked at medium heat to maintain as much of the nutritional integrity of ingredients as possible. I choose not to can my products, as canning requires high heat that can destroy vast amounts of nutrients.

Not canning or using preservatives is a blessing in disguise. You’re getting nutrient-rich food that doesn’t contain any nasty, hard-to-pronounce additives. But on the flip side, this food doesn’t have a ridiculously long shelf life like a lot of the preservative-laden foods we’re used to today. We’ve been swayed to believe that food should last forever for our convenience, when in fact real food that is meant to truly nourish us will always have an expiration date. I’ll take my food without the laundry list of artificial preservatives, thank you!

If kept in the refrigerator, Jen’s Jars products will stay fresh for 2 to 5 weeks (check out the shelf life of each product here).  You can also freeze Jen’s Jars products directly in the glass jars (which are filled to allow enough room for expansion) and store them for up to 3 months in the freezer.

To thaw the spreads, remove from freezer and place in refrigerator a day or two prior to use. To thaw soups, put in the refrigerator the day before using. You can heat from frozen as long as soup is thawed enough to pour out of the jar. If you're in a pinch, the safest way to thaw quickly is to run your jar under cold water until thawed. Avoid hot water as rapid temperature changes can crack the glass.