My Story

I may eat clean but I still consider myself a ‘foodie.’ I love eating not only for the wonderful flavors and aromas, but because of the way food makes me feel. My favorite foods are hearty, filling, warming and comforting. They nourish my body and my soul.
— Jennifer Alexander

Jen’s Jars is an endeavor to help others see that a clean, plant-based diet is not only healing, but delicious too!  In Spring of 2014 I began struggling with my physical and mental health.  My whole system was unbalanced and in need of repair.  Inspired by my mother-in-law, who conquered breast cancer through diet and lifestyle change, I decided it was time to make a drastic personal change as well.  

Already a vegetarian, I went cold turkey and cut out everything else from my diet that could be causing my health problems.  I “quit” dairy, gluten, refined sugar, and any sort of preservatives.  I decided to adopt a whole food, plant-based diet and eliminate anything highly processed.  Any ingredient I couldn’t pronounce was automatically excluded from my diet.  


To say the first few months were tough is an understatement.  The withdrawal symptoms I experienced from quitting my addiction to processed, inflammatory foods seemed unbearable in the beginning. I dwelled on all the foods I was missing out on and struggled to stay positive. But as the initial withdrawal symptoms began to pass, I started to see the light peeking through the clouds.  I stopped concentrating on all the foods I had cut out of my diet and directed my energy towards all the delicious, nutritious foods I could eat to nourish my body.  I began experimenting with cooking, substituting plant-based ingredients in some of my favorite comfort foods and creating many new recipes from scratch.  

I found that the foods I was creating from whole, unprocessed ingredients were even more flavorful than the foods I had been eating in the past. Many of those foods I had struggled to give up in the first place were no longer appealing in comparison.  And just as I had hoped, my overall physical and mental health began to improve.  I soon found it easier to maintain a healthy weight for my body, my skin, hair and nails improved, I had more energy and felt generally more balanced and clear-minded.


Through the long and difficult journey to overcome my health issues I discovered my true passion: helping people improve their lives with nutritious, satisfying foods.  I created Jen’s Jars to make nutrient-rich foods more accessible to everyone – whether you’re struggling with food sensitivities or simply wanting to incorporate more whole foods into your diet.

Clean eating doesn’t have to mean compromising on flavor or spending more time in the kitchen.  All of my soups and spreads are made from scratch using high-quality, organic ingredients that require minimal to no prep time. Each jar is fresh-made, vegan, gluten-free, and free from refined sugars or preservatives.  Whether or not you decide to completely adopt a diet of whole and unprocessed foods, every meal counts towards a healthier and more balanced life. ♥